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An account of my previous lives and how they interract with the present

So in the begining, there were and  were not, a multitude of universes:  So many universes , so many Gods ? So many species, intelligent and less intelligent, all living at the same time in  Contradiction and in Parallel.

So when at night I go to sleep, while I am in the deepest peaceful rest, other battles are being fought for me in the parallel worlds. Battles I am not consciously aware of. Universes I know nothing about.  Yet there are those entities that nothing can disprove. They are living their parallel lives, and, if one of them were to be missing the whole lot would no longer be there.



I spoke of battles, I should have said wars. In all mythologies there is a mentions of wars. WARS OF THE TITANS. Wars among the gods. Well we undoubtedly attribute this to the fertile imagination of primitive mankind, yet is it just imagination ? Are mythologies unfounded creation of the not so intelligent people of primitive eras ?

Well for a start they were not so un-intelligent. They gave us two of the most important philosophers that mankind has ever known: Plato and Socrates.

I doubt that such an elaborate construction as a religion or a faith is issued solely on imagination.

We understand it as Revelation. Episodes by which God made himself known to us. Different approches to the Divine. The so called mythologies are not limited to the ancient Greek and Roman cultures, they also belonged to the Egyptians of the Pharaohs, the Mayas, the Incas  and still survive now-a-days in one form or another in Far-Eastern religions. To say they were false religions is a deeply routed desire by monotheistic religions to alienate the natural instinct of mankind that acknowledges the necessity of a deity,  a Creator, a Protector.

The Wars of the Titans episode is really also incorporated in the Judeo-Christian mythology when depicting the battle between the good and the bad Angels. The victory of Archangel Michael and the expulsion of Lucifer from the skies.

Archangel Michael representing the blind faith (fanaticism) and the proud Archangel Lucifer (bearer of the light) who disobeyed the Creator by giving mankind the fruit of the "tree of knowledge", the truth. Typical representation of what has been really happening over millennium, where traditional monotheistic religions try and conceal  the traces of previous gods (and by so doing, historical facts) in the name of  blind faith.  

For years mankind tried and protect itself from abuses of faith. The good-doers that bring disaster to humanity by appointing themselves as instruments of a deity. Witch-hunts and wars of religions, brought about the creation of secret and semi-secret societies, and free-masonneries, in order to protect man against the abuses of religion. Like the early Christians meeting in catacombs to avoid persecution.

The fact that many traces of previous civilizations and beliefs have systematically been the object of concealment by the establishment (and is still going on), is the nagging proof that they fear verity. The truth they profess involves a perfect creator, the" ideal".  

Now perfection means that you cannot have any better; therefore in its affirmation it implies the state of immobility. Perfection is still, like a statue, it cannot evolve, if it gets better then it was not perfect before and if it goes back it becomes imperfect. So all concept of mobility becomes excluded, and by excluding mobility you exclude life. Consequently, they believe in a dead deity.

They will not admit to their misconception that God is alive and they conceal Him behind the curtain of irrational concept of Dogma(=  faith, blind belief). I for one, believe in dogma too, the dogma that God is alive and laughs at all these concepts of perfection. There is a definite human aspect to God. He created us to his image, and with this act of love he had to be in us, all and each one of us, the young , the old , the rich , the poor,  the healthy,  the crippled , the male, the female, the good and the nasty . But more importantly, He is growing with us. The more new souls are born the healthier God becomes, because the fact of being born, "creation", is a continuous act of Love .

So I witness with my own eyes the wars of the Titans, the war that is still being fought today by lovers of the Truth and the establishment that tries to conceal it. Censure. Censuring was, and is still today, an evil tool in the hands of the moralisers. When I was a teenager, there were books that I was not allowed to read (for my own good) because they were listed on "The Index". I would be "ex-communicated" if I read them. Yet these were books that today are considered good reading and are part of the educational curriculum; Jean-Paul Sartre was one of the forbidden authors.

Under the pretext to save our souls from evil, the churches were and are still demolishing all evidence that would weaken their controlling power. Even at the cost of concealing the Truth. Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit, but he was born a Man!

Be careful, all these summities that studied Theology know better. All these years spent in studying the divine cannot be wasted away in front of such a simple evidence. They must know more than the common mortal. They have become demigods,  they know more about God than God Himself. They must act to protect us from doubt, and force feed us with a spoon all their belief. If you prove them wrong, then you are accused of belonging to Satan or you must simply be a warlock or a witch. (The true message of Christ,  "selfless Love and Charity", is thus banalized and becomes a selfish search by the individual  for his own soul salvation; " I have to believe so I can go to Paradise" , while we forget the real purpose of life = to live life to the full, to be achievers! To thank God by our action.)

So when an archeological find happens, they are the first on the spot to remove traces or evidence that would damn them.

I was in Damascus in 1976 when news came about of an archeological find in a town not far from Aleppo called Ebla. Hereafter is copy of the article published in Time Magazine , that is self explanatory.

"Posted Monday, Oct. 18, 1976
Historians have long regarded Egypt and Mesopotamia as the major civilizations of the biblical Near East. Now they must recognize an ancient "third world." A pair of Italian scientists has uncovered a veritable treasure trove of clay tablets at Ebla in northern Syria. Their discovery does more than provide documentary evidence of a little-known kingdom that existed between 2400 and 2250 B.C.; it also provides the best evidence to date that some of the people described in the Old Testament actually existed. To some scholars, the find may ultimately rank with the 1947 discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The existence of the Eblan kingdom was not unknown; ancient Sumerian, Akkadian and Egyptian texts refer to it. However, Paolo Matthiae, 36, and Giovanni Pettinato, 41, both of the University of Rome, were the first to explore Ebla's ruins, which they located some 30 miles south of modern Aleppo. In 1964 Matthiae began digging into the 50-ft.-high mound of dry, dusty dirt that covered the ancient city. It was not until 1968 that the team's mining began to produce archaeological ore: a statue bearing the name of a king of Ebla. Six years later the excavations yielded a cache of 42 tablets covered with cuneiform writing.

Last fall the Italian pair's persistence paid off even more handsomely when the expedition began to uncover the outer rooms of the royal palace. In one room, the archaeologists found 1,000 tablets inscribed in both Sumerian and a hitherto unknown Canaanite dialect they dubbed Eblaite. In another room, which appears to have been an archive, they found 14,000 tablets.

Biblical Connections. The tablets reflect a sophisticated system of keeping records. They include texts on Ebla's polytheistic religion, and renditions of treaties and trade agreements between Ebla and city-states in the region. The tablets also reveal much about Eblan life and customs, including that one king had 38 sons and that the penalty for raping a virgin was death. Collectively, they paint a picture of a powerful Semitic civilization that reached from the Red Sea to Turkey and east to Mesopotamia. Says David Noel Freedman, a University of Michigan archaeologist who worked with the Italians: "It is as if we were suddenly to find out about Rome and the Roman Empire."

The biblical connections appear to be numerous. The tablets contain accounts of the creation and the flood, which are strikingly similar to those found in both the Old Testament and Babylonian literature. They refer to a place called Urusalima, which scholars say is clearly Ebla's name for Jerusalem. (If so, it is unquestionably the earliest known reference to the Holy City, predating others by hundreds of years.) They make frequent mention of Ebrium, or Eber, who is identified in the Book of Genesis as the great-great-great-great grandfather of the patriarch Abraham. "We always thought of ancestors like Eber as symbolic," says Freedman. "Nobody ever regarded them as historic—at least not until these tablets were found. Fundamentalists could have a field day with this one."

Field Day. In fact, nobody has really had a field day over the finds yet. Fearing that Syria might take exception to the biblical aspects of the discoveries and hamper further exploration, the Italian archaeologists have been slow to publicize their discoveries. But the international community of archaeologists and biblical scholars has heard enough already to begin murmuring with excitement. Matthiae and Pettinato will arrive in the U.S. this month for a speaking tour. Whatever they reveal, it cannot be all. The Italians have excavated only a few of the 140 acres that once were Ebla. It may take 200 years to explore the rest."

200 years during which .......

Well 200 hundred years is plenty of time to keep on concealing evidence.

As a matter of fact I recall my conversation, at that time,  with one of the reporters dispatched by an american magazine to cover the Ebla story. An Italo-American reporter to whom I mentioned the unusual artifacts I saw in the Baghdad Museum. His answer was something of the sort of  "parapsychology and hearing voices" which made me look like a fool to the few witnesses of the conversation. But artifacts on show* in a Museum surely had nothing to do with the parapsychology of his answer. That conversation made me think. This man was not just a journalist he was working for a powerful master. Some power I do not need to nominate.

* These unique artifacts I photographed in 1976 are no longer on display in the Museum of Baghdad as they were stolen or damaged during  war against weapons of mass destructions (news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/2942449.stm - Cached

12 Apr 2003 – Historical items dating back 5000 years have either been stolen or destroyed by rampaging looters in the Iraqi capital.)



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