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Zeitgeist: The Movie - Full, Final version



History repeats itself. Films, books, media control, by powerful secret organizations, Zionism, Nazism , Communism, New World Order, Opus Dei, Rosecrucians, Templar Knights, the Club of 4, Gold, The Protocols etc...

The latest in line ... Zeitgeist !  All we know is wrong, we have been willfully deceived, we have been taught the wrong teachings so we could be easily manipulated by would be world dominators. Correct, we are been again manipulated by propaganda, by the same people who tried centuries on end to achieve what unfortunately is not possible. There is no perfection! We only tend towards it and in the process of this long winded cruisade, even the manipulator looses interest or changes his aspirations.

Briefly what this documentary (?) is saying :

1- All Religions Judaism and Christianity in particular are fakes. Old women or popular gossips. The story of crucifixion and resurrection of a Man-God born to a Virgin, are  reported throughout millenniums by different religions, not only Christianity. The same sort of repetition is encountered in the case of a prophet that is recovered floating on a river in a wicker basket and adopted by a royal princess. That these stories were taken on and institutionalised  by controlling freaks and become the establishment. Concluding that religion is here for an ulterior motive.

2- Federal Reserve Fund is not a government institution, but just the private tool of the main few bankers that are enslaving the world by manipulating money and credit supplies. Correct !

But are we being taken for a ride by these "disclosures" ?

No matter what, our duty to humanity is not to delve in these distracting hypothesis and let us stick to reality ! The reality is that we are led by different forces (whether democratically elected or not) that are today directing the path of our future. We often cannot control these forces and must concentrate on our day to day petty survival, without really having time to solve the problems of the world. Our little self-sufficiency, bring food to the family, education to our children and the best comfort we can offer them in terms of cars, computers etc.. all to make their lives more enjoyable (All that it is not really what we should be doing). Our kids should be taught to fend for themselves from the most tender age, and our duty is to make sure their future environment is livable: their freedom is paramount.

Our duty then is to control these forces by all our licit means. If the Federal Reserve Fund is putting the world in deep financial control, it is up to us to impose our perspective and not simply accept what decision they are taking. Today most of the monetary mass of the world is in the hands of very few. We can count the number of billionaires while they cannot even count their monies. The fact they willingly put their monies back into circulation, is a weak attempt to do the right thing. This does not do what we commonly call redistribution.

The banks on one side are ordered to reduce credit to those who mostly need it and the other hand cash in the hands of the "billionaires, is not lent nor is it re-injected into the economy.

Let us not forget we always lend to the rich !

Well wait a minute . Wait, I am rich ! I am worth more than 20 million Euros and I only  have to pay  a tax bill of 444,000 Euros for which I need a loan . Do you think they will lend to me ?

Forget it I am not rich enough !

Where is the solution ? Would those billionaires be happy with a near communist de facto nation ? I hear that some of them honestly consider that they should be paying more in taxes, but how much money do they actually need ? That Indian millionaire I was trading with in the eighties, was very happy to tell me that he only needed one "chapati"  a day to live with, so what was the purpose of all his wealth ? Security ? Demonstation effect ? Prove to the world that he has achieved the dream of the poor boy ? Control of the species ?

Let us create an institution that would be an intermediary between the billionaires and the less well off , organize a proper redistribution based on merit and equitable needs. 

Government institutions should be compelled to control that never ending spiral of growing  wealth to the same group of persons, centennial family corporations, or institutions that are infinite in time , like churches and freemason lodges. That money is increasingly needed by governments to improve services and population wellbeing. I believe that a 200 years time limit should be imposed on these institutions as they are a real hindrance to world progress and democracy . Are we talking of Political Correctness ? How far should this go ?  Maybe a sort of devaluation of currencies  for the over a billion possessors?

We should ban the predator in us. We should ban the criminal mentality ran by some grand nations. Cures for overpopulation ? Topic of essential contention. Overpopulation is normally linked to poverty, and a society without poverty should reduce considerably the population growth we are experimenting. We should not control population with wars and epidemics. Do not forget some countries have a one child only policy.

The topic is that the world should go back to some sort of equilibrium. Balance between what used to be "wealth vs middle class" and not what is becoming today "few billionaires vs a mass of slaves".


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