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An account of my previous lives and how they interract with the present

So when at night I go to sleep, in my deepest peaceful rest, other battles are being fought, on my behalf, in the parallel worlds. Battles, I am not consciously aware of. Universes, I know nothing about.  Yet those entities, that nothing can disprove, are there. They live their parallel lives, and, if one of them were to go missing the whole lot would no longer be there.






Freud vs Young  ; intuition or coincidence !?!

On the subject, I need to tell of an event that happened to me :

At that time I was reading a lot about the finality of the world and the correlations with the invisible.

Daytime, I was working for a firm promoting cigarettes, and at night, among my other duties, I was escorting, Hostesses, dressed in the brand coloured uniforms, to late night events, where we offered guests to sample our cigarette brand. 

Coincidentally, several events were taking place, which, made me think that, maybe, I could have been overtired; working in the office all day and spending nights driving, sampling hostesses, to parties, restaurants and night-clubs.

Nevertheless, I still found time to read;  I was then interested by a book on the origins of humanity and the evolution of our species. A  well known french book, I would recommend, 

called " Le Matin des Magiciens " by Powels & Bergier (Livre de Poche) that translates as "The Dawn of the Magicians" .


That particular evening, while relaxing at home, after a long day, I was lying across the bed reading, while my mother was watching television in the lounge. I was suddenly impressed by a passage in the book saying : " The world is run by invisible forces, referenced differently, by religions and beliefs, that are able to change the course of history and even cause major events, upheavals, like, the appearance of an Adolf Hitler or Attila the Hun or the discovery of Nuclear power etc.."


The subject was also saying that many of these events, usually attributed to coincidence, were in reality, wanted by these powers, who were changing the destinies of the world.


It also suggested that individuals, of any walk of life, could be involved, if they where willing, to share, to join forces with this invisible power ( demons, angels,  wise-men... or maybe the deity  itself) and become part of history as Generals, Statesmen, Saints, Historians, or others, by communing with this forces by pure power of thoughts, telepathically.

Here , Jean-Pierre (myself) decides : such an opportunity, why not try and see ?  Maybe, just maybe, this force is around and would listen to me ........

Maybe I could become that, all powerful, sexiest, famous ruler of the world.

So, lights off !  Put the book, at that particular page, over my chest and state, my thoughts, with determination :

" You, Power, give me a sign so I know you really exist. I do not want to make a useless effort trying to contact you. Then I will be able to make my decision !"

The very moment I thought this, I hear the telephone ring, the telephone extension was on the coffee table next to my mother in the lounge.

She answers, and I hear her : "HELLO,   HELLO   HELLO O O ," and then,  putting the phone down said ," DAMN IT, THEY WOULD NOT ANSWER  ! "

Hear ! Here me, little lonely me, in the dark,  having touched with my finger the power of the UNKNOWN, panicked and said  ... " Now  I know,  you are real, I will contact you when I make my mind up." .. and then, to myself  "NO, I prefer to remain a normal human being !"

Later, much later,  I thought : IT WAS A COINCIDENCE !   (coward).

Today, several years later, I do not regret,  with all the ups and down I have had and still have in my life, having made that choice. I believe. I made the right decision to enjoy life, whatever, the beauty and the ugliness, of the "day to day" struggle, the pleasure of achieving when I did succeed, and  savouring     defeat if I did not ! 

But ... I have done it all my way ! 

Mind you, if you open your eyes and see what happens to all these powerful men in modern history, only a few die in their bed from natural causes. Ariel Sharon ( the undead) , Saddam Hussein ,  Mouamar Kaddafi etc... the list is never ending." le Renard passe passe, a chacun, a son tour !"



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