"THE BOOK "



An account of my previous lives and how they interract with the present


This is going to be long and difficult. No one can condense several millenniums in a few web pages. Yet I promised myself that it is going to be all written here. This is going to be "The Book", the one and only, that hopefully, will not end up causing harm or create dissent among people. This is not the Satanic V  nor the DaVinci C, it is the narration of how I evolved through the ages and how I saw mankind's progression from when I first was there. Since when Life was there.

It might not all be in chronological order and due to the weight it carries, it will have to be updated slowly, as other vital considerations call for my attention. Some more menial ones, like "what do you do about copyrights?", will have me burdened to no end. But do not worry, it will not be unaccomplished, this Symphony will be heard.

I will publish in the space below, an episode, one experience at a time, as and when  it is written.  It will remain there until the following episode is conceived and published .

I am afraid you will not see the end, you might have long gone before I end my story !


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An illustrated compilation of the whole, "The Book"  will be accessible online, to "registered enthusiasts"  through a password gate.