Who is LeRenardO ?



About Me                     They say,  I have been around for over a few millenniums,

                                     yet, it feels "as if it was only yesterday".

                                     Time flies but nothing ever seem to change. History repeats itself,

                                     and this does not ever matter, as long as you keep, in your heart,

                                     the innocence of a child and let, no experience bitter your soul.


I'd Like To Meet          Unusual persons, achievers, people who give the world a new dimension,

                                     the ones that are determined and are not afraid to live life to the full.

                                     I like to meet genuine, pure at heart, humans that do not know arrogance.

                                     I cannot find  respect for the envious. 


Interests                     Fun !  Fun makes you smile, and laughter makes you live for ever..

                                    Sailing, Sun, Sea, Sex, Travel, Internet, Money, and what for ? Loads of Money


Favorite Music           Operas,  Classics,  Ethnic, Oum Koulsoum, the Eltons and the Rods,  Beatles, 

                                     Music  that gives wings to your heart


Languages                  French,  Italian, English,  Arabic, German, Spanish, Body Language and

                                     the ones I understand but do not speak : Hassketsar ?  Ayo baron !


Occupation                 Enjoying my hobbies: stroll, pick flowers, breathe fresh air and stir sh...(trouble).  

                                     Envied by the likes of Robin Hood, 'Bandito Giuliano' (a relative) and my model   "Superman"

                                     Life can be one uninterrupted party if you take time to appreciate good and bad, moments.  


Workplaces                 It is a Small World, Everywhere, Anytime, and it is getting Smaller,..FOREIGN INTERNATIONALS   


Untold memories       Find them here ! Click through       "The Book"