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Why Nostradamus ? Why interpretation of obscure verses that can mean just about anything, to anyone, anywhere ? Or nothing at all !

I trust that the main factor is safety.  Not the safety of the world, but the personal security of the "visionnaire". Although the safety of the world, is indeed the main topic. Yes, the safety of the author of the verses, or the prose in my case. Telling the truth while keeping the option open, to deny it all, if confronted by contemporary powers. A ridiculous ineffective safety valve.

Telling the truth is dangerous. People get killed all the time because they hold one truth or another . So how would you feel if you held "The Truth"? Would you tell the world ? Would that resolve anything ? Would anyone do anything about it ? Could anyone do anything about it ? Campaigns of disinformation succeed each other, each pointing to the previous one as being a lie, yet coming out with even more incredible fabulations. Even though  "The Truth" cannot be hidden in the long run (as simple contemplation, with an open soul will soon find it),  there is an insane machination of a few sad, selfish, narrow minded, subhumans set to bring the little progress, humanity has achieved over 6 milleniums of our era, to a standstill, or even, to a reversal.

I should have said, the  last two milleniums, because, if there was a message of peace and love that was ever delivered, it is the one that Jesus Christ gave us! Sorry I sound like one of those preachers, but believe me, I am only referring to history. I am not for Religions, since they just add to the problems of the world.

We are living an era that makes the darkness of the Middle Ages look bright, and the persecutions of the witches just a bad  joke. The obscure powers that are meddling with the world today, are and will change the course of history. " A billion Catholics in the world is a lot of supplies for Circus Maximus, or enough slaves to build a superpyramid, or more appropriately,  enough manpower to mine in the four points of the globe all the minerals needed for a regular and sustainable space invasion. Mankind is being robotised. Not in the future. Here. Right now!

Mankind has remained a primitive animal under several aspects. We have not learned how to put number one in second position.. Egoism .! Selfishness! "Ni ange, ni bete" is the expression of french philosopher Pascal, to describe human being. "In between an angel and a beast".   Alas, it is the beast , using more cunningness than intelligence, that is adding to the distress of the world. Whithout even considering the futility of lining their pockets with useless gold dust. The wealth, these poor beings, would not even have the opportunity nor the pleasure to enjoy.

Yet progress is here. The whole world has changed around us. Cities were almost destroyed and new ones rebuilt. Supersonic "Concord" has come and gone. We have progressed and regressed all at the same time. Science has given us longer and more comfortable lives, on the one hand, and has taken away or altered most of our moral values, the essence of life, on the other.

We have more freedom rights and less freedom in real terms. More privacy laws and less private information.  You can no longer hide. Identity and personality thefts are modern crimes. As for personal knowledge,  more information is available, but only if you can use less of it. Internet allows you to research absolutely any subject you care to learn, yet every time you execute  a search, big brother knows what you are doing and what your interests in life are. You get traced by search engines, categorised,  and, if lucky,  you only end up, on a mailing list.

So, robotisation of mankind, is the next step forward. Without it no "Space conquest" is possible. No survival of the species! But at what cost ? Gone forever is the old human being, with its darwinian link to the apes. Mankind is undergoing metamorphosis, from caterpillar, to chrysalis, and then onto butterfly.

You would think this as a novelty. Be informed, that this is not the first time !  History repeats itself. This has all happened before ! Amid the traces that have slipped through the thoroughly weaved net of concealment and destruction of evidence, you can still see that about 10,000 years ago mankind had knowledge of space travel, interspecies cloning and much more that we cannot even imagine.
UFO, "Circles in the Cornfields" and conspiracy theories, I took lightly, until one is confronted by evidence, too much is made by "hoaxers". But shush...do not advertise the fact, you get labelled for being a weirdo, or you get taken to military hospitals and we never hear from you again. The reason ? Who knows, maybe we should not be aware of the fact that our days down here are counted. This would disrupt the economic trends and would stop our progress into the path of survival.

This is called Love! Care for  the human species is imperative ! No one, person or group of person, would go through the exercise to control the world, unless love is involved. It could just be love of oneself ( pointless ! , since you know you are not going to be among the lucky survivors). We are building the new Noah's Ark for the future generations, and we probably would not acquire a place in it, ourselves. Love for our descendants,  for our own race,  for our own beliefs,  or for our own ideals.

Imagine the pettiness of a world with only one race ( i.e. caucasian), how incredibly boring, and it will automatically be divided into "eyes and hair colours". Well since we would have been robotised, I suppose, it would not matter any more.  It should be love for all living species, irrespective of its provenience and its finality.

Selfless love of LIFE. Did Noah save cockroaches from extinction?  I have no answer to that one, but for the fact that they are here and thriving. They did not need to be robotised, unless, and that is a pertinent question, would they be darwinian descendants of the Holy Scarab of the Pyramids. Embalmed amid the Pharaohs as carriers of the scarab "Genome". Imported from another world and stored in the safe deposit boxes of the Pyramids for future use.

"Dissimilarity among species", just because of their differences, is a "pillar constituent" of life. This will be proven as genome research progresses and when the need for one particular chromatin, the substructure of chromosomes, arises and is found somewhere in the Amazon, on the Moon or simply in a fellow human of different race.

So whoever conquers the world and enslaves all other species, will have the duty to be the guardian of their survival, if he really wants  the survival of his own.



What has the future in store for us ? One immediately thinks " New World Order",  this was advertised so dramatically that no one is unaware of it.  But what is it ? The media does not explain, nor does the US administration, nor the people who first mentioned it. Beware it is coming,  a new era for the world as we know it. We will not recognise ourselves after it has happened. Scary !!!

But we are living it already, it is happening everywhere around us. To say it is wanted and planned by some incredibly crafty maniacs, would be giving them too much credit. The world "Order" means some sort of intelligent structure, ideal, perfection !  We cannot create perfection, we are only aiming to it. The Pharaohs created a new world order at the time, and they designed and built perfect pyramids that lasted for milleniums, the one thing they will be remembered for, but perfect ? Far from it, their pyramids are disintegrating as did their civilisation.

So let us forget perfection and contemplate what simple or more complicated mortals are doing to the world in their quest for survival.  


They are here to stay ! This is a natural phenomenon. It is nature way of protecting itself, together with all worlds catastrophes, against overpopulation and abuse of world resources. They are unfortunately devised and conducted by human beings and although changing in shape and modality the finality is the same, killing and enslaving fellow mankind, for one's own survival. No matter what pacifist will say, there is no survival in this world without wars. The simplest example of this is demonstrated in biology. In the process of conception you have a real battle between brother sperms to reach the ovula, and when the fastest and strongest reaches his purpose, the membrane is shut on the others irremediably,  terminating their sterile quest for life. Fratricide ? No, simply survival ! 

So anything I will say about wars, will be irrelevant, except that they will be occupying most of the Twenty First Century (and the following ones).  Taking new forms they serve the same purpose. From war between nations to civil war within a nation,  from swords bearing to nuclear weaponry, from national to ethnic,  and the return to religious war.


Our number one commodity. Our body is constituted of 60-75% of water. Without it we would be like a sachet of soup, weighing no more than a few ounces. But in glacial age, man had to  take the ice down to a warm place and let it thaw . The other likely alternative, was to drink the blood of the prey.

Water will be scarce. Whatever water left might not be drinkable unless we provide from now adequate filtration and water treatment. Contaminants, pollution, in a first period will decimate entire populations. Applying reverse osmosis, will require that man has provided during our relatively safe era, and prepared machinery for the purpose in those circumstances (inventors needed ).                        

Instead a lot of consideration is put into profitability, which company has one to buy shares in? Water plants? Alternative sources of energy? But incredibly, nothing for our own survival, Yet everything for a better financial reward! It is time we put our ingeniosity devising water treatments that would survive Armageddon.


Wealth equals health. Wealth will allow you to buy body parts (spares) to keep a young body. Farms of clones to one's cell will be instituted. Chaos will be forecast and planned to suit. All wealth will be used for survival. The only valuable  asset will be health, and the most useful resource, the capacity to provide immediate food and protection : "physical power".

So keep on going to the Gym and spend time rebuilding muscles and stamina. You will need those. Being fit is the very first asset needed for survival. Mind you by getting this attitude, you will not only survive in time of Chaos, but you will also be doing yourself an immense favour by warding of Cholesterol, Cardiovascular diseases and be a person enjoying life to the full extent


I am no meteorolgist. A lot was said about Global Warming. As usual man believes he can influence nature. He is burning too much petrol. He is letting off too much gas from old not eco-friendly  fridges. Cows are letting off too much gas.  Too many persons are breathing all at the same As the Bibles says, there will be no more seasons before the end of the world.

This has nothing to do with mankind, and we should not feel guilty about it. If the Sun cools down the effect will be disastrous and we would have not been the cause.

This, again, it is nature in its cycles. The Glacial era is coming back. We are not geared for it. There will be no use having gas, it will not ignite. We will have to live in grottos and old mine shafts and we will have to get our warmth from the nucleus of the earth. Whatever human species will survive, not by growing vegetables or farming cattle, but by organised cannibalism. Until the return to nature sustaining normality, man will be setting aside a proportion of offsprings for the survival of the species. A return to the Mayan civilisation.


She has  her rightful  consideration in the modern world. She is actually taking humanity back to dawn of civilization, when mankind possessed divine representation in the "Mother Goddess". Prehistoric divinity, sign of care and wealth, peaceful enjoyment of a stable life, then relegated by other male deities to a more secondary role. 

 Woman will take an ever increasing and necessary role in political life. On the example of Thatcher, the world will see an incredible number of women in the role of Presidents or Prime Ministers. This will happen first in Europe, even in France where the male supremacy is very slow in conceding to the inevitable conclusion of a much needed disappointing Segolene. It will be followed then in the most unexpected places, like Iran and Afghanistan.

There will not be a dramatic turning point of history , but a steady progression that will certainly lead one day to the establishment of an amazon society , moderating the undisciplined progress of wild scientific implementations into more humane ones. The motherly instinct.


From many gods, to one god, to no god at all! That is not all of it!  To the likes of  the ancient Egyptians and the Romans, there will be the deification of  some megalomaniac. The gamble is open on a fifty fifty basis as to whether science will prove the existence of a Creator. This will not alter the views of the faithful believers. Religions will persist and hopefully will mellow their stance of being the only true ones, as intolerance will lead to dramatic conclusions to the like of the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

New preachers will appear. Well intentioned men, couples and females. They will , through the internet and modern communication technology (mobile phones, chips embedded in body , etc..) simplify the message of God, and spread it at incredible speed, making a difference in the perception of religion.

Would that put an end to wars of religions ?

The process is long and painful and has to go through some seriously bloody experiences. But all that can be attributed to the self defence mechanism of Nature, protecting itself from overpopulation. Nature's survival battle.