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Why Nostradamus ? Why interpretation of obscure verses that can mean just about anything, to anyone, anywhere ? Or nothing at all !


COVID 19 ' Achievements  ?? (24/04/20)
This is happennig at a crucial time in human history !  The tilting of socio-economical power from mighty US to Guess who ? This is not necessarily good news .Why ? Well, we must consider this fact from different positions:
From Europe and the West socio-economic problems from a rising influx of mostly islamic immigrants, and their threat to jobs security and  living standards.  From China's new economic threat to the western industries, by cheap supply of high tech poducts, and their sinious support to the North Korean Dr Strangelove . From Saudi Arabia,fighting a genocidal war in Yemen yet reducing their oil prices to counteract shale oil threat. From Japan with a shaking automotive industry. Israel and BiBi back in power with further annexation plans. And the show goes on, and the whole lot spiced with overpopulation and lowering wages. Would World War III solve anything ? Is it avoidable ?
Well the world is striving and everybody is doing "Great".... Yet Corona Virus, is it a real threat or is it also an opportunity ?
TRUMP IT OR NOT ? (04/01/17)
My heart ? My worry ? Or every body's concern ?!!! I trust that proper security is in place to protect the President Elect.
Yet one is constantly reminded of the futility of such statement.  Example are brought up on a daily basis and memories of JFK or A. Lincoln and plots are not easily recognizable . May the Force be with him, as the previous establishment, whether Democrats or Republican, is  "perfumed" with endemic suttile undeclared corruption (ref  : Huge discounts on new Airforce One) and retaliation or last reaction  of the defeated old guard  can be surprising .-
BREXIT OR NOT ? (23/06/16)
It is too late for me to make any recommendations Voting is in full swing and all the parties have given their advice and try to get their side to win ! ARE THEY ?....
Well in my humble opinion they are both playing a comedy. A comedy that has cost the life of a genuine politician that could have become a problem in the long run.
The issue has been planned and agreed by what appears to be the traditional enemies and as of now (time 19h30) I have good reasons that BREXIT will pull through !
Why ? How can I be so sure ? Well it is evident . EU is suffering and its illness will get worse. In a world where WWIII could be around the corner it is better to have two different entities
instead of one Europe, to deal and eventually negotiate, in a position of strength, with Russia, who does not want to become another subservient state of the American Empire.
(Who can blame them ?). So by splitting the EU into two forces, you improve the stand against the Bear. Of course the US are not in a better position, as they are going through the
presidential elections, a process that could change the entire American stand in the world. Not an easy process as the corrupt old guard could still manage some tricks and remain in power.
22 Cardinals nominated by His Holiness in order to establish voting quorum to replace him should he disappear.
Reciting the cardinals' traditional oath of loyalty, each one pledged to remain faithful to the church and to "not to make known to anyone matters entrusted to me in confidence, the disclosure of which could bring damage or dishonour to Holy Church."  WHY ? WHY SHOULD THERE BE ANY ?
In remarks at the start of the service, Benedict recalled that the red colour of the biretta and the scarlet cassock that cardinals wear symbolizes the blood that cardinals must be willing to shed to remain faithful to the church. "The new cardinals are entrusted with the service of love: love for God, love for his church, an absolute and unconditional love for his brothers and sisters even unto shedding their blood, if necessary,"
The internet,Twitter, Facebook, etc.. have been accused of being the cause of the "Spring" in North Africa and the Middle East: down with a tyrant in Tunisia, followed by one in Egypt,  one in Yemen getting support from a neighbour, a Libyan maybe not to be obliterated and a Syrian that has so far escaped any retribution.
Tyrants beware there is still the possibility of a prosperous life , post genocide !

FLIP OF A COIN   (24/06/11)
A gold coin does not give you its provenience, unlike some cash notes or a credit card, but it is surely more beautiful and has an inalienable attraction, no matter what is represented on any of its sides . It is practically indistructible by the effect of time; an ancient Roman coin would acquire an increased value as a collectors item. It would actually survive us and be there long after we are gone.
The reason of this preamble, is much more menial and would not want to be in this column, yet I feel it must be expressed:
Today as I was travelling a bridge in Budapest, I am suddenly following the most amazing silhouette, "behind"... of my whole connaisseur career. There, I pass on the description, definitely, was perfection and an incredible appeal !
I needed, a must see the other side of the coin . And of course I did. There, staring at me was the sweetest innocent angelic face of my whole connaisseur career.
The value of an instant

DEMOCRACY REVIVAL ?  (17/06/2011)
Rather the beginning of the end. Sit down, do nothing ! Too much FREEDOM inevitably brings back REPRESSION and tyrany.
While Feedom is on its way out.
WE ARE NOT ALONE !?  (03/02/2011)
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY2FFEufsuY&NR=1   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQ-bNOy_CKQ&NR=1
Comments of ITN are: Temple Mount and its Mosque = location out of which prophet Mahomet rose to the sky.
Amazing similarity to Jesus Ascension. Makes you wonder that if the gadget is not a crafty man made radio controlled prototype, then there is definitely something of great importance for humanity (Speculation goes from important unknown rare mineral cache to an invisible star-gate link to outerspace, without omitting the mystical proof that the Prophet was realy one )http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Xb9JoGyy98 .
WIKILEAKS ?  (22/01/2011)
Assange, over-night hero, or victim of another "green man" 's dirty tricks ? Looks like a put up job to me, with amazing consequences : ....Tunisia and all that will follow shaping up the new world O
Maybe someone ought to take some lessons in Democracy before allowing the unthinkeable.
Tollerance should be practiced by all parties. A Religion that is not tollerant cannot and should not be considered  a rightful democratic institution. Not until it proves its tollerance to other religions:
1- By allowing the building  of Churches and allowing the practice of Christianity and other religions in Mecca, Medina, Jeddah and Riadh
2- By allowing Converts from Islam to other religions to live in peace.
3- By stopping the  persecution and genocide of Christians and Atheists in the Saudi subcontinent, Africa  and Darfur
Besides Islam is not a religion, ask any moslem and they will tell you " it is  way of life".
So what democratic principle prevails for allowing this insult to freedom ? 
MONOTHEISM (22/07/2010)
Makes economic sense ! Ancient Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Persians and all Oriental Religions worshipped and worship today a multitude of Divinities. Each of which has a specific ability or power to grant different needs and prayers. Each of them needing particular rituals and sacrifices in Money and in Kind. But for some crafty character that thought: why all these Gods, surely there should be a God that controlls them all, thus concentrating on Him and making huge savings!
PERSECUTION (27/06/2010)
(By the Romans) Has caused the the success of Christianity. It took a few hundred years and a lot of bloodshed, but ultimately it caused its growth and popularity. The lack of persecution has created the lack of interest and its shrinking numbers.
Persecution of the Jews ( Holocaust ) has given renewed interest in Judaism and has allowed for the creation of the state of Israel.
THOUGHT OF THE DAY : Beware: Maybe MUSLIMS should not be persecuted.
Are tollerated by mainline Christianity and The Vatican . Cause ? Well, there cannot be the Devil if there is no God.
So says my wife E, w'd soon be bored out of our wits with no comparison stick.  There is no Paradise without Hell.
PETAFLOPS  (13/06/2010)
Oh my God, it is over a year since I last had a good idea, I must have petaflopped.  Well no ! No one can petaflop.
1.27 petaflops is the sustained speed achieved by the "Dawning Nebulae"  based at the National Supercomputing center in Shenzen, China, and is equivalent to one thousand trillion mathematical operations a second, during the twice a year ranking of the world's fastest 500 computers.
The world's fatest computer remains the "Cray Jaguar" supercomputer based at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee with a standardized computing test speed of 1.75 petaflops.
Why is it, that we are bailing out the Banks that failed to manage clients wealth ethically, instead of letting them collapse under the weight of their misdeeds, and compensate the victims so they could reinvest in alternative banking facilities ? New banks or banks that have looked after the interests of their clients and have not suffered as much.
Why are we feeding the corrupt ?
One would believe that the whole crisis is a staged farce and a cynical excersise in wealth redistribution. This time we are hitting directly on the wealthy . They are the species  to be driven to extinction, so society can move on into the neo communism era. There will be less and less power to protect individual freedom.
He left a little earlier than expected, we are all to continue the trip. He was a gentle soul devoted to his mother and to his friends. An example of quiet optimism in the face of the worst circumstances. May God bless you Sol
I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle .-- Winston Churchill
The Medical Profession Speaks out on the Financial Bail-Out Package The allergists voted to scratch it, and the dermatologists advised not to make any rash moves. The gastroenterologists had sort of a gut feeling about it, but the neurologists thought the administration had a lot of nerve, and the obstetricians felt they were all labouring under a misconception. The ophthalmologists considered the idea shortsighted; the pathologists yelled, "Over my dead body!" while the pediatricians said, 'Oh, Grow up!  The psychiatrists thought the whole idea was madness, the radiologists could see right through it, and the surgeons decided to wash their hands of the whole thing. The internists thought it was a bitter pill to swallow, and the plastic surgeons said, "This puts a whole new face on the matter." The podiatrists thought it was a step forward, but the urologists felt the scheme wouldn't hold water. The anesthesiologists thought the whole idea was a gas; and the cardiologists didn't have the heart to say no. In the end, proctologists left the decision up to the assholes in Downing Street.
THE MAKING OF A HERO (02/02/2009)
Did anyone hear President Obama say anything about Muntazer al-Zaidi ??!      (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muntazer_al-Zaidi )
What children ? Which schools ? What GAZA ?
So all is neat and rosy again !
International calls to investigate Israel over alleged war crimes in the Gaza Strip prompted Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Sunday to promise military personnel state protection from foreign prosecution.

"Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more expensive goods, houses and technology, pushing them to take more and more expensive credits, until their debt becomes unbearable. The unpaid debt will lead to bankruptcy of banks, which will have to be nationalised, and the State will have to take the road which will eventually lead to communism"  (Karl Marx, Das Kapital, 1867)

The World has at last a deserving President. May God give him the Stamina and the Guidance to restore and reinforce true Democracy without tergiversing and wasting time in petty recriminations versus the previous administration .    
A SMALL REQUEST (18/01/2009)
Man : God?
God : Yes!?
Man : Can I ask you something?
God : Yes.
Man : What is for you a million of years?
God : A second.
Man : And a million of dollars?
God : A penny.
Man: God, Can you give me a penny?
God : Wait a second!
I hear that it is not a US governamental institution, but an association of the four major U.S. private Banks, with some government supervision. (See Board of Governors at  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Reserve#cite_note-usc12-242-35)
Yet it decides on determining the interest rates and the supply of liquidity of the country.
Surely , considering the US economy as the leader of the  world economy, an obvious global concern should be that this institution should be regulated and controlled a 100% by the U.S. Government if not by a new supernational institution under the control of the United Nations. ..Sic.., see : http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_dmPchuXIXQ
Hey ! wait a minute!: Am I , by any chance, acting for the New World Order ?
RED CROSS: Gaza humanitarian situation is 'shocking' (13/01/2009)
I shall not be dragged into sterile confrontation, this is not my problem,
Palestinian should learn to stop playing with fireworks !
WHY DID I STOP WRITING (10/01/2009) It is all there,
go to  http://allpoetry.com/story/7692
NEW YEAR 2009 (01/01/2009)
Last year "I was no good", I refrained telling you most of my inner thoughts, by cowardice. Today I promise, I shall not be intimidated by obscure forces in order to save my life. We are anyway "dead" until we have achieved our mission of upholding the truth. This year, hence, I shall "come alive" and cannot be intimidated for loosing what I do not have.
SECRET DEAL ?  (25/12/08)
"Pope Benedict - Ahmadinejad" . Joint homophobics with attitude, preaching tollerance, love  and the message of Jesus Christ in their Christmas speach.
What next ? Will Ahmadinejad allow conversion from Islam to Christianity , in exchange of building a Mosque in the Vatican ? Or something more sordid ? Gays beware !
THE HAIR OF THE DOG (21/11/08)
Old remedy to cure a hangover. The only remedy to cure the current economic disaster. Lend, lend and lend again, until the world regains confidence in "The Economy".
In ancient times, to move away from barter, gold was used as means of payment. With time, this has moved on to paper cash (IOU's) while gold was kept in Central Banks vaults as "contrevaleur" or monetary exchange reserve. Today Central Banks use any asset to print money, these assets being precious metals, black gold, foreign currencies and of course  "Credit to the Economy" (more IOU;s) with a slight preference for the latter, since pieces of paper are easier to store than heavy metals.
The real problem starts when these light weight assets start loosing their worth (i.e. mortgage on a property that has gone down in value).
The Solution = Confidence in the Economy. Trust !  Trust, that shares will go up again in value, trust, that property prices will grow up again, etc...Trust, that is all it takes !
BODY LANGUAGE (10/11/08)
President-elect visits White House. This is the second time that a George Bush welcomes a president elect at the White House.
When President Clinton was shown around the domain, an anecdote goes that in the Oval, President Bush father rhetorically said  "You think you won the elections ? Well you see this little Green Man, he will tell you what to do, (in running the country)"
Today President-elect Obama's visit is analysed by body language specialists. The verdict : The President-elect was boisterous and self assured when he first arrived, but no mention is done about his moody looks when he departed. It was as if he was saying : "My God , what a mess I put myself in". Of course no one heard what Dubya said to him in private, but it sounds more likely something in the style of  "You think you won the elections, well we (the green man) made sure you did "
WORLD WAR III (26/10/08)
For those of you who have not yet realised, we are living it now ! No need to use weapons of mass destruction, we are simply going to starve you to death. The most letal weapon is in action now, money, or simply the lack of it, even if you think you hold it and that you have enough of it. You might feel secure with your investments, your income, etc...But no , the carpet has been pulled out from under your feet.
Everybody is going to suffer , many persons will lose their businesses, their homes, their lives , maybe not the poorest ( they are already used to survival), but the well to do, the middle class, the entrepreneurs. It will not spare any country. The Far East is alreay laying off their superfluous workforce, the West cannot afford any longer those, dead cheap, Laptops and storage of fast obsolete products will prove costly.
All in the name of Supremacy
SUBPRIME ? (22/10/08)
The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.  Cicero - 55 BC  
WAITING ! (04/06/08)
We are waiting, The whole world is waiting. Hope is in the background. We can only hold our breath. While the whole world is at a standstill.Waiting for a better world. Better finance. Better lifestyle. Better peace. All promised by the next ruler of the world. Allas , no matter who wins the race, the world will have to struggle. As usual, the same old crap awaits us .
The hardest conflict, by far, to afflict humanity. Just look around you.
"Look, it is nicer , so white and so clean !" Concrete over the last few remaining green spaces !
Barack Obama rocketed to a 10-point lead over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire one day before their showdown in the state's presidential primary. "Deep thought": Would americans vote in a Republican President (i.e.Giuliani ?) should Obama get the Democrats nomination ? If not a speculation , then a Macchiavellic plot.
May you all SURVIVE !!! (Only remind you, that we are on a "survival course", so do it well )
In a nutshell, the theory suggests that quantum systems can exist in many different physical configurations at the same time. By observing the system, however, we may pick out one single 'quantum state', and therefore force the system to change its configuration. View article jn Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/main.jhtml?xml=/earth/2007/11/21/scicosmos121.xml
SARKO TO MARRY (06/01/08)(sorry brougt this entry down from above date for obvious convenience, see previous entry)
NO SACRIFICE FOR FRANCE HERE !  Sego has let the occasion pass."M" is already rubbing hands in satisfaction. It will be the James Bond actress that will courtsey to HRH Elisabeth II on next official presidential visit to the UK.
SE NON E VERO E BEN TROVATO ! It has always been my opinion that the necessary socio-economic changes needed to save France were better served by the left. That is an "inspired" left. A Segolene that would have used love for her country instead of bitter militancy . But love to Sego was denied by her envious back stabbing ex-partner. While all she needed was love and support. Nothing is lost, Sarko. You are determined to sacrifice anything for the better of your country. Now that you are free again, use it for a good issue. Go for a new sacrifice!
IN VINO VERITAS (29/10/07)
ONLY WINE DRINKERS CAN TELL THE TRUTH !  "Thought" on the eve of the official visit to London of an important Middle Eastern royalty
IMAGINATION (06/10/07)
That is your Creation ! Come on Barbie let's go party. Life is Plastic, Fantastic
Definitely a well rehearsed fake!  Not written by Leonardo ? Masterpiece all the same!   Yet a very well orchestrated, willfuly undecypherable book of alchemy with all the gadget and sexual innuendos to con the most intelligent people of its time and of today ! As a qualified con artist I know a con when I see one !  
Villagers in southern Peru were struck by a mysterious illness after a meteorite made a fiery crash to Earth in their area, regional authorities said Monday.  Around midday Saturday, villagers were startled by an explosion and a fireball that many were convinced was an airplane crashing near their remote village, located in the high Andes department of Puno in the Desaguadero region, near the border with Bolivia. Residents complained of headaches and vomiting brought on by a "strange odor," local health department official Jorge Lopez told Peruvian radio RPP. Seven policemen who went to check on the reports also became ill and had to be given oxygen before being hospitalized, Lopez said. Rescue teams and experts were dispatched to the scene, where the meteorite left a 100-foot-wide (30-meter-wide) and 20-foot-deep (six-meter-deep) crater, said local official Marco Limache."Boiling water started coming out of the crater and particles of rock and cinders were found nearby. Residents are very concerned," he said.
MASS IN LATIN (Return to) (02/07/07)
His Holliness wants a return of the Catholic Church to Latin language for Mass. At a time where more transparency is needed, his oppinion is more obscurantism will make the Mystery of the Faith even more mysterious. Maybe another way to detract from the Mystery of Life ?
Pope Paul VI in  "Mysterium Fidei" 03/09/1965 said: "To shed fuller light on the mystery of the Church, it helps to realize that it is nothing less than the whole Church which, in union with Christ in His role as Priest and Victim, offers the Sacrifice of the Mass and is offered in it."
Leisure is life, regarded as a continuous series of definite units. Leisure is the time of your life, the time of all your life. The definition usually offered for leisure, namely "absence of labor" is hopeless. First, it is obviously negative. It is also circular in two respects; its unstated genus is the full concept of leisure, and you will strive in vain to define "labor" without using the full concept of leisure. Leisure is the fundamental concept; labor and loafing are derivative concepts, merely uses of leisure. 
Can one really measure all values by leisure? Yes! Leisure is earned and spent like money so, like money, it enables you to appraise and calculate. Leisure is the ultimate, uninflatable, undeflatable currency of man's moral life. All the "economic" concepts usually defined in terms of money--profit and loss, wealth, capital, etc.--have more fundamental counterparts in terms of leisure. (See "The leisure theory of value.") 
AMAROLI (18/06/07)
"Spirits are like parachutes, they serve a purpose only when they are open" We are requested here to open our mind and maybe accept that ancient unorthodox practice to drink your own urine thus receiving an incredible amount of enzimes and vitamins that will eventually make you live for ever. Cures: Cancer , Aids and almost any ailments known to mankind. If this is the case, then maybe we need to farm it and treat it so we could only take the essentials in a more palatable way.
160 GeV (25/03/07)
Pronounced 160 gigaelectronvolt. "the God particle" thought to give everything in the universe its mass has been seen at that voltage level through an accelerator of particles. Is that it ? Have we discovered the ultimate particle or should we consider stepping into the next stage of infinitesimal small particles ? Talks of replacing the standard model of the universe with a more complex one!
PEOPLE WITH HISTORY (03/02/07) Nearly 14,000 people visited the "Persia, Fragments of Paradise" display from Iran in Mexico City's Anthropological Museum on a recent Sunday, the highest single-day attendance in years. While the Persia exhibition carried "no political message", it gave Iran the chance to improve its image in a part of the world where it is often mistakenly taken for an Arab country, or associated only with the Iraq war and the nuclear standoff with the United States."Our idea was to show the real culture of Iran especially at this time when some people get the wrong idea through false information," said Roohi Sefat, the Iranian ambassador in Mexico.
At the common question " what runs the world ?", the usual answer is Money!  What about LOVE ? Has love no power in the matter ?  Yes it has, it is called "Love", Love of Money !
"Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food, and tyrannize their teachers." - Socrates (470 - 399 B.C.)
Exerps of RODRIQUE NGOWI's article, Associated Press Writer BOSTON - Some leading scientists and evangelical Christian leaders have agreed to put aside their fierce differences over the origin of life and work together to fight global warming. Evangelicals and scientists previously failed to launch a large-scale joint initiative, partly because of differences between evolutionary science and a literal interpretation of the Bible â€â€ï¿½Â� a rift that dates back to Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection.Those who met in Georgia, however, are expected to argue that the threat to life on Earth is too great to let the rift prevent them from working together to combat greenhouse emissions.
Real unexplained phenomenon: Two weeks ago in Esperance , Western Australia and Last week in Austin Texas, thousands of birds fell dead to the ground. No cause of death beeing established despite several postmortems. All assumptions are open, air pollution, increased ultraviolet light from the sun (This could explain the unusual proliferation of Jelly Fish even in today's cold sea). Any more ?
Jesus is accepted in Islam as a Prophet of Allah. He would not have had this honour , had they realized he was  condemned by the Jews  as a criminal to be crucified for blasphemy.  Rewriting history! (The rending of his clothes by the high priest seems rather to imply that the charge was one of "gidduf" or blasphemy (Sanh. vii. 10, 11).)
TODAY, I WAS HANGED.(30/12/06)
Progress ! Two thousand years ago, I was crucified!
of the Church by the Church. Another typical example of man replacing God in the final judgement of a sinner.Muscular dystrophy sufferer who had been kept alive artificially by a tube in his throat pumping air in his lungs, asked to be left to die and was later denied Christian burial. Far removed is the message of charity delivered by Christ, the very message of love that should be conveyed by the Church. God forgives but the Church does not!
Maybe the Church and its bigots are the wrong interpreters of the faith  after all ?
Famed paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey is giving no quarter to powerful evangelical church leaders who are pressing Kenya's national museum to relegate to a back room its world-famous collection of hominid fossils showing the evolution of humans' early ancestors.(LiveScience.com). He told The Daily Telegraph (London):  "The National Museums of Kenya should be extremely strong in presenting a very forceful case for the evolutionary theory of the origins of mankind. The collection it holds is one of Kenya's very few global claims to fame and it must be forthright in defending its right to be at the forefront of this branch of science." Leakey was for years director of the museum and of Kenya's entire museum system.The museum's collections include the most complete skeleton yet found of Homo erectus, the 1.7-million-year-old Turkana Boy unearthed by Leakey's team in 1984 near Lake Turkana in northern Kenya. Perpetrating a pattern recalled by the destruction of the Giant Buddhas of Banian and the disappearance from the Bagdad museum of original prehistoric artifacs,
There is no end to the conspiracy from traditional religions to try and conceal threats to the book of revelations. Is this all their trust in the Divine ?
Fears that the Creator will cease to exist ?
Otherwise I would not be here. Alive. I am the sperm who made it first to the target. I was the strongest and the fastest and when I penetrated the skin of the egg all two million brother sperms were excluded and left to die out in the cold. I did not want to kill them, I am no fratricide. I conquered a lease of life while they terminated their natural lifespan. I am a survivor. So is all the animal kingdom, on a survival course. This makes wars and deaths so natural. War becomes a natural phenomenon and the survival of the fittest the natural issue. I wonder if this also applies to the stepping into the afterlife. "Holliest than thou" ?!
RELIGION SHOULD BE OUTLAWED  (11/11/06)gay pop star Elton John said in an interview of The Observer newspaper's Music Monthly Magazine. 
Because it lacks compassion and promotes hatred of homosexuals. "I think religion has always tried to turn hatred towards gay people. From my point of view, I would ban religion completely," he was quoted as saying. "Organized religion doesn't seem to work. It turns people into really hateful lemmings and it's not really compassionate. The world is near escalating to World War Three and where are the leaders of each religion?"Why aren't they having a conclave? Why aren't they coming together? 
He is right, so let us add another question to the fundamental causes of dissent. Believers, non-believers, religious, non-religious, etc... 
Male chauvinism is rife in todays freedom and equality country , where,  would be presidential nominee, is booed by her own socialist party.
Put up job by her own co-runner or plants from her right wing opposition ? The fact remains  that antifeminism is, with maleness inertia, a serious hurdle to Segolene's  real chances to save France from its deep rooted illness. It is obvious, by now, that it is not the traditional right, that will be able to stear the boat away from catastrophe.
Well known is the description of pessimism considering a glass of wine as half empty. Today my friend Sergei tells me of the Russian version :
"Things are so bad that they cannot get any worse!" declaims the pessimist. "They can!" (get worse) says the optimist..
Now that Iraq has stopped being a threat to the world, with its weapons of mass destruction removed, (One has to thank the valliant American people and more particularly our heroic president W) , maybe, to appease the different factions and hopefully, stop the slaughter of the innocents, one would consider reinstating real Arab democracy by bringing back the legitimate president of the Iraqis to his chair.
Obvious intention of all living being of sound mind, we simply do not have the tools yet. If we crack the genome mysteries one day, it is because it is in our genes to be able to.
I was told today by a medic that one cure to prostate hypertrophy could be as simple as drinking a daily pint of young female urine (or more simply take female hormones)
Recent admission by inveterate atheist and genome scientist, that God really created the universe and that miracles are possible !? He refers to the fact that each person is so closely preprogrammed towards ones finality, that there is real interest from the creator as to how we behave individually. More acurately how all persons are preprogrammed, taking in consideration rates of failure, so the destiny of the universe itself is on a probability course to achieve its target. Not the daily evesdropping by the creator into our state of grace.
Assuming all this could have happened at the time of the creation, THE BIG BANG, is by definition explosion (expansion) of the universe, and obviously, the transformation or termination of the divine itself .
Conspiracy theory about masochistic Neo Free Masons covering up for the rumour  that Jesus had a female companion and maybe offsprings. What's the damage ?
Well, it will no longer be mandatory for priesthood to remain celibate, whith whatever consequence, leading to a more democratic Catholic institution. The Orthodox branch of Christianity allows for their priest to marry and breed.
Controversy on the web about the scientific powers of the Coran into converting summities and celebrities to Islam. The main argument being that accurate scientific teachings are given in the Holy Book. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean do not mix with the waters of the Mediterranean Sea at the Straight of Gibraltar as if divided by an invisible wall. Allegations without foundation that this accurate phenomenon contributed to Comandant Cousteau embrassing Islam is denied by his family. Whatever the issue, let us not forget that Astronomy, Medicine and Science were the appendage of the Arabs long before the advent of Maomet or the Scientific Revolution.
BUSH A CONVERT ? (10/05/06)
To Islam ?! Well, no one has, so far, advertised, so well, the cause.
Jesus never wanted to create a new religion. All he wanted was to bring eternal salvation to his people: the Jews
FREEDOM TOWER (27/04/06)
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A day after a developer and landowners resolved their disputes, bulldozers rumbled into a giant pit on Thursday to begin construction of the glittering Freedom Tower skyscraper meant to symbolize New York's resilience to the September 11 attacks. Rebuilding at the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan began 4 1/2 years after the Twin Towers were destroyed by suicide hijackers who flew passenger planes into them.The 1,776-foot (540-meter) tower will be among the tallest in the world. But let us consider that, no matter the size of the building, New York already owns an unbeatable landmark symbol of freedom, the "Statue of Liberty" donated to the City by the so appropriately named Freedom Fry-ers
SAINT OF THE DAY ? (24/04/06)
What a perfect pretext for the "thought of the day". Someone has already worked it out. You always need a source of inspiration. And why not looking for a spark coming down from the skies ? The Saints have by definition dedicated their lives to the Divine cause.
ST GEORGES (23/04/06)
The story of George's slaying the dragon, rescuing the king's daughter and converting Libya is a twelfth-century Italian fable. George was a favorite patron saint of crusaders, as well as of Eastern soldiers in earlier times. 
In modern times, though, St Georges is conducting his crusade sitting on his chair in Washington.
ENLIGHTENMENT (22/04/06)  
"I don't know Who -- or what -- put the question, I don't know when it was put. I don't even remember answering. But at some moment I did answer Yes to Someone --or Something --and from that hour I was certain that existence is meaningful and that, therefore, my life, in self-surrender, had a goal." Dag Hammarskjold.
POWERS (21/04/06)
Our brain is mostly uncharted at this time and has capabilities far beyond what science knows or understands, much less than 50% of our brains capability (features) has been "discovered" or formally acknowledged by science. In some, undocumented, natural features of the brain function in a direct manner providing that individual with "paranormal" senses. (One day, soon, these extra senses will be commonly acknowledged and controllable like our more obvious senses). Telepathy, "Seeing", "Knowing", Astral Projection, "Healing", Dejavou, and many, many more inherent features will emerge in us as standard functions. Until then, these pop up in certain individuals who are considered abnormal by those yet without the realization of having them. Sadly, in many, these attributes are suppressed either as an individual decision or through pressure exerted by closed mind factions. Having extra sensory can be scary or un-nerving because we are taught it is all nonsense or that "gifted" people are broken somehow. It may be best to associate with others who are so gifted so you do not feel like a fringe person. Being marginalized can greatly diminish ones self worth and is the greatest threat to your positive powers and self confidence - negative people will try to shake your faith and drain your positive energy and power. Welcome, you are at a place where kindred spirits are cherished. http://www.bigwave.ca/~doug_lewis/navel.html
PLAGIARISM (20/04/06)
is patron saint of England, Portugal, Germany, Aragon, Genoa and Venice.
St George is the object of a vast amount of imagination. There is every reason to believe that he was a real martyr who suffered at Lydda in Palestine, probably before the time of Constantine. The Church adheres to his memory, but not to the legends surrounding his life. That he was willing to pay the supreme price to follow Christ is what the Church believes. And it is enough.
I have just copied the following from someone who I should admire, yet I will not tell him. This was my idea in the first place, I was trying to say it myself, before I found he had preceded me in doing it. So, as it is also my idea, then I shall write it:
NAVEL-GAZING (19/04/06)
Not belly-dancing Slang Excessive introspection, self-absorption, or concentration on a single issue. Late 19th, early 20th century Paris circle (sect) of intellectuals dedicated at the contemplation of each others navel . Searching  the internet, it is distressing to realise that "one's idea" is not the appendage of "one's brain" (intellectual property), and that others have tried to express it in one form or another. Contemplation, meditation will take you in one direction only, the discovery of the truth.
SAN FRANCISCO (18/04/06)Reuters - TUE APR 18, 12:50 PM ET
San Franciscans were jolted out of their beds at 5:13 a.m. 100 years ago by an earthquake that devastated their city and on Tuesday they were up before dawn again to celebrate its survival and rebirth after the "Great One." Thousands of people crowded around Lotta's Fountain, a monument where families left messages in search of loved ones after the 1906 quake, to mark the anniversary. Among them were a dozen survivors of the disaster.


NEUTRINO ? (17/04/06)

Neutrinos are one of the fundamental particles which make up the universe. They are also one of the least understood.
Neutrinos are similar to the more familiar electron, with one crucial difference: neutrinos do not carry electric charge. Because neutrinos are electrically neutral, they are not affected by the electromagnetic forces which act on electrons. Neutrinos are affected only by a "weak" sub-atomic force of much shorter range than electromagnetism, and are therefore able to pass through great distances in matter without being affected by it. In other words there are no known shields to stop neutrinos in their tragectory.

It is also reported that astronauts passing part of space were showered  by neutrinos which produced lightning blue light effect on the retina as they were crossing the forhead part of their scull.
EASTER, PASQUA, PAQUES  ! (16/04/06)
Celebrating immortality of soul ? Pascha Easter - a Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Christ; celebrated on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox
Middle English, from Old French pasche, from Late Latin pascha, Passover, Easter, from Late Greek paskha,from Aramaicpassrch,Passover, from Hebrew pesah Pesach
Today BBC1 took suddenly off the air the screening of four young adults being baptised by full immersion in a purposely placed pool in the front garden of Westminster Abbey as a celebration of Easter.
Political correctness I presume ?
EGGS PAINTING (15/04/06)
Following a long and old tradition, Christians around the world, boil and colour eggs with bright paint, others take the time to paint motives on them, all in preparation to their most important festival, the resurrection of Christ.
This event falls in spring and takes over from the old pagan Greek and Roman celebration of the new seasonal cycle of life. Other faith and religions celebrate important festivals in spring. Passover that celebrates the freeing of the Israelites by Moses. Wesak for Buddhism on May's full moon. Vaisakkhi or Sikhs new year celebrates the birth of the religion. Noruz for Zoroaster's birthday and the Persian new year. All these festivals point towards the fact that humanity needs to rejoyce, have fun, and feel it is alive after a long sad winter. For an old Epicurean like me, any pretext to celebrate is good, I believe that the best way to compesate the creator is to show appreciation for the most important gift, Life, by living it.
TRAVEL (14/04/06)
To travel (abroad) is ... to become a foreigner ! How horrendous. You suddenly become a second class citizen, the like of an immigrant or a member of the expat family. You feel the urge to blend in. This is when you need a second or third language. As a tourist, you represent money and as such you are always welcome by hoteliers, restaurateurs, the entertainment and the shopping industries. You also mean disruption and disconfort for the local population at large; You create congestion, you tend to occupy the favourite table of the regular customer and you push  prices up.
POLYGLOT (13/04/06)
A person with the ability to speak, read or write in more than one language He has an upper edge on the person who speaks only his mother's tongue. Well defined phenomena. The person that speaks eight languages will find eight  solutions to any problem. His genius will consist in choosing the most appropriate one.
LANGUAGE (12/04/06)
From the greek Loghia, although it is the vocal form of expression, it is mostly a way of reasoning, a logic , a logistic.  Speaking English is a very concise and direct way of expressing one's ideas. Speaking French, one can soften the impact of the truth by bringing in the subtle nuances of diplomacy. While talking Italian , you tend to emphasise and embelish what would otherwise be very mundane. The same applies to computer languages, Cobol, Fortran, Basics etc, all diverse ways to bring an answer to a question. Speaking more than one language will therefore give you more than one solution to the same problem. 
FREEDOM (11/04/06)
It is the ability that one has to drive a car and park it anywhere he likes. At the bakers, the post office or the bank. Better  even, when one wants to show off , park his proud possession in front of the coffee shop or the ice cream parlour, to impress his date.
This freedom is increasingly being eroded by strict parking regulations, speed limitations and other law enforcement devices. To the extent that no one can anymore park his car near to the point of interest and ends up driving miles and walking miles back to go to that particular shop. Well that particular shop, that was once busy and is now desperate for cutomers who do not see the point of driving or walking miles, is not likely to survive long and soon there would be no point of driving to it at all.
HUMAN (10/04/06)
Tops the classification of living species. We have yet to identify a species that is superior to human beings. An observation of the world around us clearly shows that inferior species are used as source of nutrition to a superior one. Minute micro organisms are feeding larger ones. Small fish are eaten by big ones. Large animals are devoured by other oten larger ones. Humans feed on everything and anyone.While species serve the purpose of providing survival to the next one up.  What purpose is human being serving ? Being at the top of the classification.  The consideration that a species more evolved that ours and feeding on us seems remote yet is perfectly logical. Something or someone, unseen by us, superior to us,  is feeding on us. Maybe as the next step in the classification is spiritual, then something spiritual is feeding on our souls!
INFINITY (09/04/06)
No end. No beginning. Universe ! What only one ? What about Universes ? It  might not do justice to the definition of the word, yet what about the concept. Infinitly Big, immense is the sea of stars, planets, constellations. Every day we discover more and still no end in sight. All this could just be a mollecule of something even bigger.The same applies  to Infinitly Small, minute atoms and particules that are also floating in a never ending whirl.  Have we seen the smallest yet ? Some people think so. But if you manage to split an atom, it is then porous, does it mean it is in its turn constituted by smaller particules ? Other universes ? I leave it to scientists who deal with reality.
But the day the smallest is found, we would have marked the death of infinity. No more magic in our life.
Scientists have discovered fossils of a 375-million-year-old fish, a large scaly creature not seen before, that they say is a long-sought missing link in the evolution of some fishes from water to a life walking on four limbs on land.
In the fishes' forward fins, the scientists found evidence of limbs in the making. There are the beginnings of digits, proto-wrists, elbows and shoulders. The fish also had a flat skull resembling a crocodile's, a neck, ribs and other parts that were similar to four-legged land animals known as tetrapods.
Other scientists said that in addition to confirming elements of a major transition in evolution, the fossils were a powerful rebuttal to religious creationists, who have long argued that the absence of such transitional creatures are a serious weakness in Darwin's theory.
LeRenardO's answer to this:  "Which was here first, the chiken or the egg ?"  But have I, really, been around for 375 million years ?
Romans (Italian's predecessors) at the height of their expansion started conceding Roman Citizenship to members of the countries they were occupying, thus giving a sense of belonging to the previous barbarians and reinforcing the aquisition of their lands to Rome.
With the New World Order looming on the rest of the world, when will the Bush dynasty concede voting rights, in the presidentials, to, let us say, the Iraqis or any other oil producing country citizens . It would only be right that countries contibuting to the growth of the american economy have a say in its leadership. One step ahead to greencards by lottery. 
ELECTIONS (06/04/06)
It is a legal requirement to cast a vote in some democratic countries like Italy, where the italian nation is asked to choose between a Panda and a Crocodile (thus insulting both these endangered species), both considered a bad issue by the silent majority. Has anyone considered the casting of a blanc vote ? What would be the issue of the elections if the majority of suffrages were blanc ? The facts is that the silent majority is, like in all the countries of the world, not necessarily all aware. Voting rights should be given , like for a driving licence, only after passing a test!

Je ne suis pas un voyant professionel, mais simplement un amateur
ayant beaucoup d'experience, et voulant repayer, un petit peu,
ce monde merveilleux pour tout ce qu'il m'a donne'

N'oubliez-pas de faire de meme !

With reverence to Pope Benedict XVI ( speech at University of Regensburg ) It would have been far easier and more acceptable to the other world's opinion to declare a "JIHAD" on all religions that are not Christian.